"Aleshores, llavors"
Days 5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19 & 20 of February
Museu Etnològic · C/ Porxe, 33
Hours from 10.30 to 13.30h

Exhibition in which the almond tree is described in a conceptual and metaphorical way. In this example, we can see the vital phases of this tree represented, and allegorizing the cycle of life, the ephemeral, vulnerable, beautiful, ...

Most of the works are in grayscale, but actually, colour is the protagonist, it accompanies the discussion in the form of fabrics tinted with plant species such as almonds and other crops characteristic of the area, such as carob trees and olive trees, among others.

This exhibition exalts the natural, the relationship with the environment, memory and the life cycle of the almond tree.

The almond is intimately linked to the memory of the village, the family, a bad name: Rumbeta, symbol of it’s roots in the territory.

On the one hand pain, on the other hand pride. The golden almond that has been so linked to Alcalalí and its people.

We invite you to take a walk through the landscapes that make up the work that began with the inspiration of a small inherited almond. All this told with small details such as the fruit to which they refer.

The exhibition tour ends with a small seed bank made up of almond fruits of the different local varieties that have been cultivated, extolling these subspecies as a work of art. Symbolizing that perhaps there is a future for this crop that is disappearing in our landscapes but not in our memory.

In the end, everything is a cycle.

Aleshores, llavors!

Autora: Laura López Chesa
Comisaria: María Roselló Senent
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